CPE Microwave Division.

Phase Matching Multipin Solutions

In any elaborate design and project, every component is very important no less then the last screw. As a strengthened supplier of microwave and radio frequency (RF) technology to different markets and industries, we at CPE know that better than anyone.For that reason, we put high attention to quality and performance for all our products including our coaxial cable assemblies.

Military and aerospace experience

CPE is being providing a large variety of microwave products to important customers in the defense market for many years, respecting their requirements and expectations. Our products have been installed on missiles, ground base stations, radar and other military devices.

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Quality and reliability

The system and the processes implemented in CPE respect the ISO 9100 strict requirements. The attention on quality borns with the idea, grows up with the analysis and design and has its peak during the production and tests to ensure an high level of reliability of all our products.


We can offer to you our competences and know-how to satisfy your requirements. Together with you, we can design, engineer and manufacture your customized needs to fulfill what you desire just in time.

Classified facility and hardware clearance

CPE respects national and international laws about security of information and protection of reserved data. With us, every confidential informations and project remain secret and reserved. From the most common electrical connection to your most demanding project, you can rely on us to satisfy all your needs.