Product line.

Founded in 1978, the CPE Italy took its first steps in the marketing of professional components for electronics industry. The sectors which are originally intended as telecommunications installers and the products most requested by customers back then were cables, connectors of all types, shapes and scope and accessories for installations such as cable clamps, lightning protection kit and other similar products.

After a few years, users began to look for " outsourcing ", a way to manage and control costs devoting to the core business. CPE Italy seizes the new opportunities by acquiring a technical department that can handle the new demands of customers and propose appropriate solutions.

In the early 90s, with connectors designed, developed and approved by the CPE Italy facts begin to be assembled in large volumes cables of an antenna.

RF connectors
RF Connectors

CPE provides its customers with a complete set of RF and microwave connectors and components.

High voltage connectors

CPE provides high voltage (greater than 10 kVdc) corona free connectors to ensure operation through extreme altitude and temperature.

Power connectors

CPE designs and manufactures customized power connectors, mixing power contacts with currents up to 150 A and signal contacts for applications like inverters, UPS modules, bus bar, power distribution servers and drawers.

Military connectors

CPE Italia can supply what it is necessary to connect at the same time several coaxial contacts mounted in a standard MIL 38999 serie III circular connector housing.


CPE can work with different cable types thanks to its competences and its partners. CPE can sell a wide range of cables.


CPE, basing on its internal competences and its important suppliers, can produce different cable assemblies and harnesses.

Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics and Data Center Solutions.

Customized products

To meet the growing need for product characterization CPE offers "flexible" solutions that can meet the specific requirements.