CPE Mexico

CPE Mexico is certified ISO 9001: 2015

We are  being a company dedicated to manufacturing electrical harnesses, connector injection and development of solutions for any type of power connection, telecommunication, data, etc.

From the initial resale activity of connectors and cables, through outsourcing manufacturing of assembled cables, up to designerand manufacturer of special connectors, harnesses, customized solutions used in different application areas.

CPE Italia in Mexico offers different solutions for your interconnection needs in the electronic fields ranging from coaxial signals and power transmission lines to multiple signal connectors. These products are provided in collaboration with CPE partners.

Not only assembled cables
CPE ITALIA Group, thanks to its continuous growth, to its experience on electrical /electronic /mechanical subjects and pursuing the ambitious to off er to Customers a unique interface to deal with, has enhanced its product off er with electronic modules, mechanical based devices and embedded assemblies.

Electronic Modules
The CPE ITALIA Group applies its own testing and inspection tools, such asautomatic and visual inspection, flight / ICT probe, functional tests andenvironmental stress tests to ensure the final result.Our team of engineers has the experience to help the Client adjust his proposal design and to guarantee high quality production results.


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