New Product Introduction

No doubt that to be a solid company taking care of the market demand it is necessary to be competitive with Product Availability, Quality, Pricing, Production Capability and Service Readiness.

During its 40 year experience, CPE Italia has gathered this experiences that have lead the Company to act accordingly.
This is the reason why one of the first decision taken longtime ago has been that of settling an R&D Service able to analyze the market demand, to define the appropriate solutions and to respond with the necessary implementations than offered to Customers.

Jumpers, N Connectors, Grounding kits, Semi-rigid assembled cables, Gold Dot Connection Systems are just few examples of products introduced on Italian market almost 30 years ago as a result of its researches.

Their appreciation, their success, the overall positive results have pushed the Company to go much further. The to-day competence on components production, assembled cables, new solution designs on several domains such as Opt. Fibers, Hi/Low Frequency Connectors, Heavy Duty/Underwater Connectors, Special Harnesses for Avionics and Defense, etc. represent an invaluable value that CPE Italia offers to all his Customers.

Useless to say that this acquired experience is also coming from a constant dialogue with Customers on one side and some valuable Partners – internationally known – on the other.
The expected good result is obtained by appropriately merging demand, information and skill.

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