For various microwave applications, like:

microwave link, antenna communication, radar, test cable for laboratories, etc. CPE Italia has the capability to assist you by supplying the necessary products.

also with phased matched and multi-pin coax cable assembly where test cable assemblies are used together to provide a convenient method for simultaneously and quickly connecting multiple RF signals you can find an answer to your need.
CPE Italia has a complete series of resistors, attenuators and power loads for Microwaves and RF application. We have a complete range of SMD designed for wireless application.

Normal cables for microwave applications is our “daily bread” but not only:
You will find a prompt answer should you need a phased matched cable and a multi-pin coax cable and, perhaps, test cable assemblies to be used together to provide a convenient method for simultaneously and quickly connect multiple RF signals.

CPE Italia can also provide a complete series of resistors, attenuators and power loads for Microwaves and RF application. We have a complete range of SMD designed for wireless applications.
Cable assemblies developed and produced by CPE Italia cover a wide frequency range from DC to 65 GHz in different application areas, from military equipment to civil usages.
We selected and continuously monitor important partners for cables. Consequently we can offer to our customers a wide range of cables including

  • reduced loss
  • scuff resistant
  • high power
  • multi-conductor
  • reduced EMI
  • extra flexible
  • test types

Our flexible cables have an outer diameter from 2 mm to 35 mm. All cables at our disposal are designed and manufactured to ensure uniformity, consistency, and high quality.
One of the main competences of CPE is designing connectors, interfacing them with the cables to create the proper cable assemblies according to International Standards and Customer specifications.

CPE Italia offers the best combination of cable and connector to satisfy your request. All our cable assemblies have to satisfy different heavy environmental tests before receiving our seal of approval. Our cable suppliers carry out severe environmental tests also, including 65G vibration, -65°C to 200° C at 70,000 feet, and 100,000 flexures, just to mention few of them.

Very low loss and lightweight cable versions are also available.
Even though these tests are requested in military and defense markets, we and our partners perform the same tests, with the same attention and care, on the assemblies and cables used in not military markets, so to guaranty the highest level of quality.

Multipin Solutions

CPE Italia can supply what it is necessary to simultaneously connect several coaxial contacts mounted in a standard MIL 38999 series III circular connector. The advantage is to have a fast and easy blind-mate connection also if you are in a limited space.

Phase Matching

Nowadays the microwave world needs a lot of phase matched coaxial cable sets. Thanks to the excellence of its RF lab and production line, CPE Italia has the capability to manufacture high volumes of tightly controlled phase matched coaxial cables.

CPE Microwave Manufacturing.

CPE maintains a complete in-house cable assembly manufacturing capability and has been producing quality coaxial cable assemblies for more than 35 years.
To ensure this product quality, we have selected high level cable suppliers and we design and manufacture our own connector piece parts. Our production department is equipped to produce hundreds of cable assemblies per month. The manufacturing process is closely monitored to ensure consistency and to maintain the high quality that characterize CPE cable assemblies.

Over the years, we have developed a line of high performance coaxial cable assembly with diameter from 2 mm to the large 35 mm with low insertion loss for special applications. Our gathered experience, our continuous investment in equipment and skilled operators, allowed us to meet wide range of cable assemblies. To maintain the excellent characteristics of our products, we have chosen cables cable partners which test and characterize each bulk cable-lot with special test equipment and facilities.

To test all cable assemblies, we utilize precision equipment. like network analyzer systems.
Data related to:
● insertion loss
● stability
● phase and time delay at frequencies up to 65 GHz.

are all recorded and available to Customers
Also, we have the capability to perform testing according to MIL-T-81490, MIL-DTL-87104, or customer-defined specifications.

Finally, to guarantee a complete traceability, we use serial numbers or batch production.

Test Capability
CPE Italia has the following Mil Spec Testing Capability both in-house and in our certified laboratories.
• Abrasion
• Altitude
• Concentrated Load
• Connector Retention
• Connector Torque
• Corona
• Flexure
• Helium Leak Rate
• High Potential
• Humidity
• Immersion (Altitude)
• Impact Shock
• Power Handling
• Propagation Velocity
• RF Leakage
• Salt Fog
• Temperature Cycle
• Temperature/Altitude
• Thermal Shock
• Vapor Leakage
• Vibration

We have multiple high frequency, high accuracy network analyzers that operate up to 65 GHz. These computer controlled systems are used in a variety of production tests, including:

• Insertion Loss and Loss Matching
• Phase and Phase Matching
• Delay and Delay Matching
• Smith Charts
• Torque and Tensile Loads
• Temperature Testing
• Stability
• Uniformity

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