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In a cellular infrastructure the traditional system to connect the tower-mounted antennas to the base station equipment

uses a main feeder cable and jumper cables. Usually the feeder, which has a length up to 100 m, is a 7/8” cable or larger to minimize the signal loss, while the jumper cables, at each end of the feeder, are 1/2” cables or smaller. The jumper cables have a length up to 3m with a small bending radius to make easy the attachment to the base station and antenna.

CPE Italia, starting from a strict quality control of the manufacturing process, can supply all the necessary to set up an effective RF link between antenna and base station in telecom systems ( GSM, UMTS, radio link).

• Cables
• Connectors
• Specific Tools
• Easy-to-use Accessories (than: Installation time saving)
• Protection Devices

In the same time , quality of the supplied components guarantee the best performances in term of

• Losses
• Passive Intermodulation

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