Case History

Since CPE Italia was founded, we have taken our first steps in the electronic market for professional components

for telecom installer like cables, all types of connectors and accessories (cable clamps, lighting protection kits and other similar products).
In the last years CPE Italia extended its portfolio providing innovative interconnection solutions in several different markets : telecommunication, defense , broadcast , industrial , scientific (and not only).

Product : High Voltage connector and cable assemblies, flat coaxial round cable with controlled impedance
Customer and application : CERN – Large Hadron Collider.

Product :Connectors and cable assemblies.
Customer and application : Alenia / Galileo Avionica – Tornado.

Product : Patch panels for Video, Audio and Signal Management
Customer and application : RAI Radio Televisione Italiana / SKY Italia / Mediaset / LA7 – audio video applications.

Product : Feeder and jumper for antenna Transmitter connection
Customer and application : TELECOM ITALIA / VODAFONE, WIND – Base station On Italian territory.

Product : Underwater connectors and cable assemblies 
Customer and application : SNAM / ENI– Offshore platforms, Castoro 6, Christmas Tree.

Product : Harnesses 
Customer and application : Vulcanair – civil aircraft.

Product : Sensors and connectors for mobile gates 
Customer and application : FIP – M.O.S.E. project for protecting city of Venice.

Product : Underwater connectors and cable assemblies 
Customer and application : Wass / Fincantieri / Calzoni – A244, MU90, U212.

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