Customer Support

CPE Italia Customer Support is always available. Contact us by email or toll by telephone . Customer Support is available to resolve technical or administrative issues.

Our customer care is devoted to full customer satisfaction. Committed to excellence in quality and safety, we are oriented to be the perfect business partners for our customers in many segments and at all levels.

Our success is based upon a strong attention to customer requirements, on ethical realtionship, professionalism and observance of rules.
Strong flexibility and suitability, combined with a complete range of products and services increase our commitment in performance, creativity and innovation ,thus enabling growth, progress and gratification.

Efficient and friendly

The procedures and automation of our processes ensure that your request promptly to a Customer Support team member who’s experienced and trained with the necessary skills to quickly and effectively solve your issue.

We are dedicated to assist your needs in the best way possible: your satisfaction is our most valuable reward. 

However, all issues are prioritized. Any issues that prevent the use of our products and services take precedence over lesser issues. If issues are related to our partners’ systems we will inform them immediately and strive to resolve the issue in close cooperation.

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